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Although established in 2010 TV warm up consultancy has become recognised as one of the country’s leading suppliers to the Television Industry and beyond specialising in supplying a wide variation of television Warm Up artistes both male and female .

TV warm up consultancy is a small consultancy that has the personal approach and has complete understanding of the TV warm up industry.

We supply warm up artistes not only for television production but for a wide range of other needs within the entertainment and corporate industry.

We are Professionals

"He is known to stars and producers alike. He has featured in loads of hit TV shows. He doesn’t win awards, go to celebrity parties or feature in Heat Magazine. He has to make people laugh who want to see someone else. He is the warm up man". 

Performing as an TV warm-up artist is a unique and difficult skill. Not just anyone can be a warm up for
a studio audience.

With unprecedented access to a plethora of audience warm up talent to suit all production budgets, we will strive to book the ideal TV warm up artist for your production.



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TV warm-up artistes on this site together have worked with all of the major television production companies in the UK.

One of the most important and essential members of the production team, never seen on screen is the warm up artist.

Whenever there is a live audience for a particular show, it is the job of the warm up artist to set the right atmosphere for the recording of that show. The warm up usually takes place before the show starts, but can also take place throughout the recording if there are any technical delays, re-takes or scene changes.

Sometimes, the floor manager or director will instruct the audience on studio etiquette, on when to clap, and when to keep silent, but this is usually done by the warm up artist.

The right warm up artist can greatly enhance the recording and final edit of a show and some artists make this very difficult task their speciality.

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This website is designed to help you find a warm up artist that fits both your show and budget.

We have purposely included both established warm up acts alongside a variation of promising newcomers, all very capable of holding together any type of audience. More importantly, we have provided a variation of different styles because as we all know, every production is unique and requires its own style of warm up.

Once we have discussed your specific requirements we will:-

a) liaise with any particular act that you have in mind;

b) select a number of suitable acts for you to choose from; and/or

c) offer our own professional recommendation to you.

Call TV Warm Up on 020 8255 2033 / 07957 355765 to discuss things further.

The cost of booking a warm up artist varies from production to production. We will work closely with you to secure a suitable act within your production budget.

If your budget does not stretch to one of our most established warm up artists, we will recommend a selection of alternative acts.

We totally understand how vital it is to have the right TV warm up artist for a show and we will work together with you to ensure that your specific requirements are met e.g. if you are filming a pilot.

Some pilots are made on a tight budget and we can certainly look into placing one of our most established acts onto a pilot show, with a view to securing the warm up artist at a later date, if the show is fully commissioned.

Work with us, to work with you.

Call TV Warm Up on 020 8255 2033 / 07957 355765 to discuss things further.

TV Warm Up Artists

We are specialists in the TV warm up industry so you will find that all of our artists are suitable for a wide range TV Warm Up for all kinds of audiences. regardless of their experience.

So let us help you find the style that will compliment your production.

Martin Beaumont


Joe Bor


Geoff Boyz


Matt Price


Jeff Stevenson


Gerry K


Cerys Nelms


Phil Reid


Mr Cee


Gary Hurst


Sally Anne Hayward


Ben Norris


Maff Brown


Phil Walker


Dave Ward


John Ryan





Miles Crawford


Tony Cowards


Kevin McCarthy

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