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Pierre Hollins is a stand up comedian and writer.

The only other ‘proper jobs’ he’s ever had were washing dishes in the House of Commons, labouring on a gas pipe line in Qatar, in the Middle East, and teaching drama to the mentally ill.

He has been an audience favourite on the comedy circuit for many years, and has headlined at clubs throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In the early days he worked as a support act to Lenny Henry and Rory Bremner; appeared in the West End with Rita Rudner; and toured with The Flying Pickets, and Willie Rushton & Barry Cryer.

He has completely re-invented his act several times (from the early days of acrobatic spectacle and frivolous audience abuse - where he was described as ‘far fetched and semi dangerous’ Time Out).

In a more recent incarnation he was found weilding an electric squash racket - ‘must be seen to be believed’ Chortle; ‘comedy rock and roll heaven’ Hot Tickets.

His relaxed amiability is defined by a compelling conversational style and absurd guitar posturing. His 'songs' are jokes that rhyme, set to a guitar backbeat, never travelling down the easy route of song parodies. He covers topics from love and hate, to sex and politics with a totally original voice, delivering his material with charm and irrelevance. ‘Always enjoyable and often inspired’ (The Source).He ‘should be made the mayor of a small village’ (Shanghai City Weekend).


Number 73; Get Fresh; Fry and Laurie; Saturday Live; Jim’ll Fix It; Jerry Sadovitz Show; Nightlife Legends

4 at the Store; The Right Time; Local Folk Rock

T.V. Warm Up
(various, including) Rory Bremner Show; Alexi Sayles’ Stuff; Rita Rudner Show; Bottom; Fry & Laurie
To book Pierre Hollins for TV warm up or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033/ 07957 355765

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