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Dyam Izarebel is a very skilful character comedian who has the skill to entertain all types of audiences.

Along with his stand up patter he incorporates well scripted comedy poems and is superb at on the spot discussions with members of the audience.

He will always keep an audience pleasantly entertained.

“Dyam Izarebel is a fantastic character creation and I loved it. A deadly serious dreadlocked Rasta poet that glared scornfully at the audience every time they defiled his art with their laughter. Entirely believable, hugely compelling and very, very funny. In particular his skewering of the Funniest Person That Drinks At the Anchor for the manner in which he had tackled the medium of poetry earlier. I loved it.”
Chris Brooker (Comedian)

“A very miserable man at best, but a very unique poet.”
Miles Crawford (Comedian)

“You’re not a well man, you need Jesus bro.”
Michael Gordon (Reggae Artist)

“I thought you were only pretending to be miserable, but you’re miserable for true.
Roger Dee (Comedian)

“I don’t ever laugh, but not only did you make me laugh you made me cry.”
(Miserable woman in the audience
To book Dyam Izarebel for TV warm up or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033 / 07957 355765

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