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How much will it cost to book a TV Warm Up artist?

The cost of booking a warm up artist varies from production to production. We will work closely with you to secure a suitable act within your production budget.

If your budget does not stretch to one of our most established warm up artists, we will recommend a selection of alternative acts.

We totally understand how vital it is to have the right TV warm up artist for a show and we will work together with you to ensure that your specific requirements are met e.g. if you are filming a pilot.

Some pilots are made on a tight budget and we can certainly look into placing one of our most established acts onto a pilot show, with a view to securing the warm up artist at a later date, if the show is fully commissioned.

Work with us, to work with you.

Call TV Warm Up on 020 8255 2033 / 07957 355765 to discuss things further.

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